Technical-Operational Features and Design Turn Our Products into Elegant Interior Design Elements

IP40 INCASSO enclosures, the perfect solution for every sub-surface electrical installation in offices and at home.

TBN-TCN Evolution
Skirting and wall trunking products with top quality and high aesthetic design, coupled with quick assembly and maximum safety features.

Three miniduct lines to meet all types of small size systems with all types of user layout.

Self-extinguishing, corrugated conduits for sub-surface cable management.
Corrugated conduit ideal for:
- Liquid self-levelling concrete applications
- Heavy duty installations
- New building technologies

Elegant and modern line, ideal in valuable architectural contexts. The entire line is manufactured with innovative materials allowing for maximum flexibility, most suitable on curved walls, ceilings, and arches. Bright white colour, designed to ensure perfect integration with wall paintings and plasters.